There are many different ways to structure a contract, depending on what works for you, what works for your client and what type of work you’re doing, but there are some basic elements that are an essential part of every contract.

Anna’s business story is as insightful as her conference takeaways. She finished school, worked as a front end developer with the GS&F communications agency, resigned from that position to stay home with her almost 2 year-old son, and has now owned her own company for a little over a year.

Dan Denney and UnmatchedStyle have teamed up to continue to bring you the one and only Front-End Design Conference!

In this episode, we’ll look at the 12 possible values for text-align, one of which is justify, next we’ll look at using justified text with CSS columns and finally look at how justify can be used to create a floatless responsive grid system with just a few lines of code.