Different types of elements have different display values by default. These include inline, block, list-item, table and many more.

The web would be a pretty dull place without a splash of colour. There are a number of different properties that take a colour value and there are four different colour syntaxes in CSS and that’s what we’ll be focusing on in this video. Those formats are colour keywords, hex, RGB and HSL

An elegant jQuery-powered animated slideout menu. We were inspired by the simple effect found at Outdated Browser and extended the menu to also work in a variety of places. Try it as a top menu, as well as a right-side menu.

Every element on a web page is a box and we can describe the characteristics of these boxes using the CSS Box Model. Understanding this model and how different types of boxes lay out, is key when converting designs into a working website

Auto is a CSS value that has a number of uses. It’s the default value for a lot of properties but can be used for horizontal centering and is a handy tool to have in the box when dealing with responsive design.