In this episode, we’ll look at the 12 possible values for text-align, one of which is justify, next we’ll look at using justified text with CSS columns and finally look at how justify can be used to create a floatless responsive grid system with just a few lines of code.

ID is a CSS selector that allows the styling of a single unique element. Their use in CSS is common and often a little controversial. In this video, I will outline some of the reasons why I prefer the `class` selector over `ID`, how CSS specificity works.

Hover is a pseudo class and can be used to style state. The hover state is active when a users mouse enters the bounding box of an element and is inactive when the users mouse leaves it. In this episode, we’ll look at the :hover pseudo class on text links and create a CSS dropdown menu triggered by hover and enhanced with jQuery for touch devices.

General sibling is a little known but very useful CSS selector. It allows the styling of an element that is a sibling of another. We’ll look at the syntax, a practical example and then a quick round up of the other child and sibling selectors in CSS.

:enabled and :disabled are pseudo classes that allow the styling of different states of form inputs, ones that are clickable or can have text entered into them (enabled) or those that can’t (disabled).

Different types of elements have different display values by default. These include inline, block, list-item, table and many more.

The web would be a pretty dull place without a splash of colour. There are a number of different properties that take a colour value and there are four different colour syntaxes in CSS and that’s what we’ll be focusing on in this video. Those formats are colour keywords, hex, RGB and HSL

Every element on a web page is a box and we can describe the characteristics of these boxes using the CSS Box Model. Understanding this model and how different types of boxes lay out, is key when converting designs into a working website

Auto is a CSS value that has a number of uses. It’s the default value for a lot of properties but can be used for horizontal centering and is a handy tool to have in the box when dealing with responsive design.