Beech Mountain Resort

This is a follow up to our review on Friday for Burton Snowboards.┬áIt’s nice to have a platform to thank people and businesses when you’ve had a good experience with them – and as someone who has owned companies in the hospitality business, I know that complaints usually outrank praises and thank you’s.

So we went to Beech Mountain Resort to go snowboarding for the first time (my son and I). Great staff, fun mountain, and a really good website too. When you realize how much content goes into this website, I was surprised on how crisp and clear the site is. When you compare the site to the other ski / snowboard mountain competitors, Beech Mountain’s site stands out with large HD images and image backgrounds – and a great dashboard for information on the home page that has the most important information first: trails open / how much snow / links to mountain webcams, and social media – followed by a card / box design with some secondary nav.

It all leads to – when we were looking where to go snowboarding, we went with “judging a book by it’s cover” – and if your website looks more professional than your competition, you should stand out more in our new digital lives. And like I said in the Burton post last week, the bonus was that we had a great time with some great people (like Garr and Benji) – so we’ll definitely be back.

So – what websites and companies deserve a little praise from you today (for a job well done)? That’s your Monday thought.


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