Hover is a pseudo class and can be used to style state. The hover state is active when a users mouse enters the bounding box of an element and is inactive when the users mouse leaves it. In this episode, we’ll look at the :hover pseudo class on text links and create a CSS dropdown menu triggered by hover and enhanced with jQuery for touch devices.

During their startup, Askins learned an important lesson: you must often remove yourself from your work in order to discover core issues. For example, his team desired to quickly solve their own developer problems and build systems to solve those issues.

Input masks can make for a great feedback device on your input fields. The input mask drop freatures formatting instructions for your users without creating the clutter that placeholders can sometimes cause.

General sibling is a little known but very useful CSS selector. It allows the styling of an element that is a sibling of another. We’ll look at the syntax, a practical example and then a quick round up of the other child and sibling selectors in CSS.

In this episode of Draft we discuss Josh Clark’s talk “mind the gap” – which is about taking the spaces in between screens and UI elements into consideration for your experience design.