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Interactions & Mobile Devices: Conquering the responsive mouse trap

Mobile devices are wonderful because they give us immediate access to a larger world and the best mobile experiences are intuitive and engaging. Design involves much more than just skinning a site to make it look great. We are designing the whole experience.

However, touch based devices have some quirks that force designers to think differently about how they create those experiences. Watch this episode of our video podcast series as Giovanni talks with Jenn Lukas about one of the most fundamental and often troublesome quirks: The lack of a hover state.

About Jenn Lukas

aaron-gustafsonJenn Lukas is a multi-talented front-end consultant and freelancer developer in Philadelphia and is the founder of Ladies in Tech. She writes for The Nerdary, is a columnist for .net magazine, and has contributed to The Pastry Box Project. She has spoken at a variety of conferences including dConstruct, An Event Apart, and CSS Dev Conference.

Jenn’s past experiences range from creating Navy training simulations to leading the front-end team at Happy Cog as Interactive Development Director. She was named one of Mashable’s 15 Developer/Hacker Women to Follow on Twitter, and you can find her on Twitter posting development and cat-related news. When she’s not crafting sites with the finest of web standards, Jenn teaches HTML and CSS for GirlDevelopIt.

Beyond the Desktop Orlando, FL

You can catch Jenn Lukas at BD Conf Orlando.

When you register use “bdjenn” to get $100 off the ticket price.

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