Via Zurb:

We’ve rebuilt ZURB.com. I know, I know… we’re living in the year 2017, and it’s customary for companies to redesign their website every few years. That’s about exciting as letting you know we paid our electric bill this month.

But this is different.

We’ve made a breakthrough towards fulfilling our mission of changing the way people design connected products and services and discovered the key to our success: Design Insights.

Here’s a things you’ll notice in the ZURB.com:

design insight
Design Insights are breakthroughs that that reveal behavior patterns and drive bold decisions, and you’ll find them all across our new site. You’ll see them in our articles, blog posts, and process, and you’ll learn how surfacing them led to incredible results.

Lastly, the entire site is interactive. Spread across the entire site are 42 cows you can discover and collect. Why cows? I’ll save that one for a future email!. Until then, enjoy exploring the new ZURB.com!


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