Star Wars – Again

But first – May the Fourth Be With You

We plan always review the Star Wars site for May 4th – because, that’s what you do on May 4th if you run a web design inspiration gallery for geeks and nerds all across the universe (or world – we’re working on the former).

I really love this site – not just for the content, but for all the pieces of it.

Three areas that I’ll highlight:



Love the thought that went into these icons, and how appropriate they are.

Mobile Nav

Just like the icons – love the smart hamburger icon is just like inside the Death Star. The turret is cool for search – ok, not sure how relevant – but I’m not caring right now – it’s cool.




I don’t remember the card design and filtered search in the Databank last time I looked at the site – but like how this works as a lead in to the character detail pages – and how it helps you filter through the mountains of stuff that’s here.

Working on a post today that has far reaching implications for my family life, as it pertains to Star Wars – will link later. Until then – I’ll leave you with today’s words from NASA:



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