Olark at 10,000


Ah the power of compounding numbers – it’s really cool to see the journey of companies, from back of a napkin, through acceleration, and into adulthood. Olark, at live chat customer service app company out of San Fransisco, uses this page to tell that story.

It’s a fun and bright one pager that is infographic and story-centric, with cool little svg icons. It celebrates success, looks at the future, but also gives thanks to their customers (which are always good things). It’s smart in design and marketing.


  1. Karl Pawlewicz

    That’s awesome, thanks for sharing Aaron! (full disclosure, i work olark.)

  2. Aaron Griswold

    Hey Karl – full disclosure, I hadn’t heard of Olark until this week – but glad I found your site – and thanks for adding to the story. While we’re a design oriented company, we love to hear how design and marketing work hand in hand to meet companies’ needs and goals. Keep it up!


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