Firefox OS

I sometimes wonder whether the ubiquity of sites that use scrolling for animation and parallax effects will come to define a period in web design in a way that “Flash/DHTML” sites now do. Having said that, for the time being let’s just enjoy this visual feast – of which the Firefox OS site is a great example.

There are a few things that they get right where other scrolling sites have fallen down:

  • The timing is good when things appear on screen – I’ve seen a few other sites where the text appears for such a small amount of scrolling that you have to scroll back to read it.
  • I can use my scroll wheel on my mouse without the screen juddering.
  • There is an obvious alternative navigation to just scrolling.
  • It adapts to screen size
  • 2mb is big, but not as big as many similar sites. Strangely the bubble png at the bottom takes up 10% of this and could just be a jpg

I also love the clever (although simple) way the fox wraps itself around the phone.



Matt Keogh

Designer working for Liquid Light in Brighton (UK). He has been designing and building websites since 2001, specialising in leading clients through the design process, modular CSS, responsive design and integrating the front end with backend systems.