Bright Umbrella

It’s just simply a well done site. These two have been kicking ass for a long time IMHO and it’s really nice to see them rebrand and launch this company and website like they have. There is plenty to admire about the site design, plenty of detail work, so defineately go and study up on it. But the thing that strikes me the most is the overall open and airy feel to the design, it just feels vibrant which I can only imagine that that’s what it’s like to work with them as a team.

Submitted by: Lea Alcantara @lealea
Role: Designer & Developer

We needed to more accurately reflect our combined identities as well as our projects, clients and strengths. The site is fully responsive, runs on the fab Craft CMS, and was the culmination of a lot of hard work.

Emily was the front-end genius that made things responsive plus the social media interactivity, and I worked on the design, identity and Craft.

You can find more info here:


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