An evolving project. Note about the design from their blogpost.

Abduzeedo will always be a work in progress. It’s in our DNA, we need to change and we want to change. We love to design things and with the blog we have freedom to try. We might fail, but the only way to find out is after you try.

Like with all re-designs of popular design site’s there’s kickback from the community. I like the new Abduzeedo, it’s much cleaner and I think the white background is much better for showcasing the work. The small parallax on the header and fixed nav are smartly implemented too.


  1. Adam Walter

    Gorgeous site! It’s a shame they have to have banner ads smack dab in the middle of it all. Very ugly.

  2. John Pitchers

    From dark to light. Nice change. I spent a few moments trying to slide the header area but it’s just a background. It does look like a slider.


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