Val Head – Web Designer, Motion Designer

Val Head


Web Designer, Motion Designer
The advent of CSS3 and Javascript has allowed designers to move past the idea that they are creating static images.

Our designs move, slide, and shuffle in response to a user’s actions.

While animation can be a powerful tool in our kit, it’s not something that we have been trained to incorporate in our designs. We aren’t motion designers.

Val Head has been thinking about the impact of animation and effects in web design.

Giovanni talks with Val about why designers should incorporate animation in their designs, when it’s appropriate and when it’s not.

About Val Head

Val Head is totally into design, type and code. She is a designer and consultant currently based in Pittsburgh where she works with agencies and small businesses to make fun and effective web sites. She speaks internationally at conferences and leads workshops on web design and creative coding.

Every year she and Jason bring a swarm of web designers to Pittsburgh for Web Design Day. She also runs the local creative coding meet up,Loop and helps keep Refresh Pittsburgh going strong. She likes people. Val tweets too much, occasionally dribbbles, and blogs somewhat inconsistently.


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