I love the consistent use of art throughout this site. It couples with the monochromatic palette and helps to create the victorian feel that is clearly evident. It also compliments the typography to create a tight, consistent visual experience.

At times, i get a little lost in the content, but that is probably just the language barrier (I don’t speak German) and poor translations. I also wish that the animations had a little softer easing. I normally don’t mind if an animation is linear, but the animated areas area quite large and they move quickly. It would be nice to soften that a bit.

Still, its a nice site with a tight mix whimsy and structure. My gripes are very minor and are far outweighed by the overall experience.


Giovanni DiFeterici

Giovanni has a BFA in Fine Art & a BS in Graphic Design. He is an accomplished illustrator & designer. He's the go to guy when it comes to developing creative solutions to complex visual problems.