Woolly Mammoth

We do full-stack web development and UX for teams with too much on their plate.

Whilst 2020 was a hard year, it was also a year of growth at Woolly Mammoth. Our ethos of building hyper performant, accessible and progressive websites was being let down by our own online presence.

We have taken our knowledge of UX design, frontend web development and progressive web applications and bundled it into our new website. We have utilised the latest and brightest breakthroughs in web technology without sacrificing usability, A fine balancing act that we feel we have met in our latest iteration.

The design was lead by our founder, Sam Logan and the development was completed by our dedicated herd members, Cassie Sloan and Dale Thompson


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Microinteractions are subtle site animations enhancing engagement. They include triggers, rules, feedback, and sometimes loops/modes. Practical uses: improving engagement, guiding user behavior. Well-designed microinteractions boost user engagement and your online presence.