Man… usually infinite scroll on most sites isn’t so infinite… I still haven’t gotten to the end of Wired UK’s collection of cool photos and stories on this vertical infinite scroll… still going… nope… Obviously the pictures on the home page make it an enticing website, but when you get to the actual articles – the layout is inventive. The article itself is laid out fine and readable, ads aren’t intrusive, links are just bolded to allow easier reading (but then the hover over looks like yellow highlighter – nice touch for paper people), and on most of the articles, the images / video hang out on the right, but fly up as you scroll down (see this article – it’s not a kitten or puppy (ok, it’s a cockatoo), but representative: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2014-09/08/cockatools


Aaron Griswold

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