Welcome to the New WIRED

Beautifully simple and powerfully functional. I’ve seen this style popping up for publication style via CircaNews ( http://circanews.com/ ) and Medium ( https://medium.com/ ) and the trend is one that I can see designers getting behind for its high level of readability and accommodation of imagery at varying scales. Overall its easy on the eyes, both figuratively and literally. Especially, for the user that is really married to reading print, I think this will be a welcome change.

They’ve done a great job with the tabbed style navigation using a high key color and icon to clearly segregate content.

Although, their magazine tends to push the boundaries of print often using a fifth color on the cover just because. I’m not seeing that same caliber of execution on web.


Russ Pate

My name is Russ Pate and I'm a designer living and working in the beautiful southern city of Augusta, GA. I'm a graduate of Georgia Southern University with my BFA in Graphic Design and currently the Communications Designer for the interactive department of Wier / Stewart. I work closely with our developer in every step of the process in creating intuitive and good lookin' websites.