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I admit, at first I was taken aback on the Website Store UK website out of the UK.. (wait, what did I write there?) – mainly because of the name and the image of the iPhone and iMac site mock ups in front of the full width and height images. Pressing on, found the site to be solid – and if I look at it as their potential client – then I get it right away – I want my site to look like their other clients’ sites. They duplicate that look on the Work detail pages, and it works well there. I also like the block design that opens up on the home page – and the off-screen nav that turns into vertical nav, with chances to contact them always in view.


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JavaScript and Accessibility

JavaScript and Accessibility

We all know that the basic structure of any website is created using HTML, and the design and layout are managed through CSS. But what about making the site an interactive and engaging experience for users?