I could go on for a while on everything I love about Viget’s new site. It’s actually more than a new site. It’s an entire re-dedication of their brand, their business, and their work. The website brings a transparency and intimacy to the “men/women behind the curtain.” Not only can you dig in and view the amazing work they do, but you get a good sense of who it is doing that work.

As much as they obviously care about the work they do for their clients, they also put a great effort into caring for and contributing to the web community. If you’re a maker of the web, chances are you’ve read 1 (or 100) of their blog posts before that share insight, inspiration, and instruction.

Speaking of blog posts, there’s a really great “Behind the Design” post that you should check out:

Okay, to (try to) limit my potential rambling, here are some highlights of what they’ve done:

  • Produced a clean, efficient design – visually and structurally
  • Chosen bright colors and bold, engaging work samples
  • Created slick interactions and utilized stellar photography
  • Unified the visual design of their 4 blogs while maintaining their unique roles

It’s worth noting that their previous site had a 4 year run, so you can imagine what a big deal it must have been to launch this redesign. Overall I think the design reflects a more mature, relevant, forward-thinkingdoing group of talented web folks.


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