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Yes – I was hoping to write this review with a smile that was 8ft high x 24ft wide… but alas, that was not to happen. Either way, it is great to see interest in US soccer continues to grow as we start to catch up (yes… little by little) in a sport that is not even in the top three in the US, but is number one in the world. (This Bleacher Report article sums it up: )

We get a huge amount of international traffic and support here at Unmatchedstyle, so please know that we/I have nothing but respect for all of our friends in different countries and their respective national teams from around the world.

However, tomorrow is July 4th – Independence Day for the US, so we leave you with the US Soccer National Team site as you go into the three day holiday:

It’s a fun and enjoyable site.

This site has a lot of dynamic content on it, with the majority of it coming in the last few weeks and months. It is a barrage of images, video, stories and social media – presented cleanly and crisply, considering how much they have packed into each post. I also like how the header nav gets out of your way as you scroll down so that you can enjoy the full imagery of the site. And how the posts on the front page have a red, blue and white gradient, even for the text on the larger post image / headers.

The player profiles are pretty cool too – wish that the Career Club History Map worked though… Either way, see the recently appointed US Secretary of Defense, yeah, Tim Howard (see:

And if nothing else, there’s this – have a great 4th! #because’merica


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