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I made my first website in 1996 – it was a shopping site for a crappy private label golf company – it was probably the worst website ever created – but I got to learn HTML, while someone paid me a whole 250 monies. My point… so I really enjoy seeing how far “e-commerce” / shopping sites have come in 18 years. This is a Shopify theme that I’m assuming has been custom-made for United Strands. It has a good flow design and experience-wise. And I just realized I may have seen one of their shirts on one of the web designers this past week that attended our ConvergeFL in Jacksonville (small world, eh?)


“A creative design mix of geometric, minimal and artistic wearable and printed goods for men and women.”

Submitted by: Jeff Corey

Role: Designer & Developer


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Creating Delight in Website Design and Development

Creating Delight in Website Design and Development

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