TwitchCon 2015

Earlier this year, we reviewed Twitch’s Year in Review of 2014, and really liked it. TwitchCon 2015, is their video game video broadcaster / fan-fest conference.

Dig the home page – simple, but a little complex behind the scenes. If you “view source” it’s fun to read the commented out parts from the designer – for understanding what’s going on, and a look into the designer’s childhood apparently:

<!– Webstor always stood above castle grayskull in my playset as a kid. He was the only one who could climb up to the top. Once there he would use his grapply hook to lift Trap Jaw and also create a zipline for him. That is all.–>

<!– Main island responsive placeholder block below. JS will create the sun phases as individual divs within this block and active their view status based on mouse coordinates–>

<!– Floating clouds which are the same height as main island and tile across a 2x width div which loops as a seamless animation–>

<!– Because we don’t want to stretch this main island to an abhorent size at large monitor sizes the main island goes into a fixed size after 1440x and pins itself to the right. To help the composition of the island we create a small buoy which rocks back and forth to the left of it (or specifically in the center or what ever space to the left there is). We also create a small transparent sliver of water color above the very bottom to give it some depth –>


I also really like the hero images at on the interior pages – their pieces are layered individual .pngs, which I think gives it that video gamey feel.


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