Having to go out in the world among the unwashed masses just to get a good cup of coffee is no fun. Fortunately, TONX is a service that will ship you what I’m sure is awesome coffee right to your door. At first glance, the site is very inviting and it’s easy to quickly understand what exactly the service is. I really like the typeface Strangelove, which is available from MyFonts. There’s actually a good bit of info on the home page if you hover over the little images on the right. I’m really not a big fan of hiding content and I didn’t even notice that until after I had gone back to the home page a second time. Visiting the home page twice is not something many users will do, so it’s probably better to just show that copy and not have it squeezed and hidden into tiny little boxes.

For the most part, the site exists to drive you to either subscribe to get coffee or get a free trial, and it’s successful in that it doesn’t have a whole lot of other things to get in the way of that.


Jay Barry

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