Tommy Franklin Official Website

“Love like you’ve never been hurt, sing like nobody’s listening and dance like you’re Tommy Franklin”

This site from G’day Byron Bay design company is pretty stellar. I’ll let them explain the impetus for the site, but I love it’s design, how it moves, and it’s imagery. Tommy Franklin and his website seem to embody all of this. Perfect use of the brand reflecting the design.

“This website has been donated to Tommy Franklin by his friends at G’day Byron Bay as symbol of gratitude and friendship.

We’ve done a huge job including: concept, photography, web-design, etc absolutely for free because he’s our friend and because he’s an absolute legend.

He asked us to make his website and his budget was just $200. We agreed to make it for free.”

If you don’t know Tommy check this out and you will get what we are talking about:

Ivano & Rita
G’day Byron Bay


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