Tiger Challenge

We here at Unmatchedstyle apologize for falling off the map last week a little – we were running one of our web designer conferences, getting ready to teach our Iron Yard class, and one of us had a baby… either way – we thought we’d start the week off with an interesting one:

The Tiger Challenge from the World Wildlife Federation is an interactive site that looks to save the Amur Tiger in Russia. You get to test yourself against a tiger to see if you can walk / run more than he can – it’s kind of like the FitBit challenge I have with my friends on a weekly basis – except, it’s against a tiger, that’s in Russia, who doesn’t wear a FitBit… ok – kind of the same thing.

It has the best pre-loader image (short of something Star Wars), and I like the integration with smartphone running apps. Check it out – save a tiger.


Made by Hungry Boys which are part of Possible.



Aaron Griswold

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