I love the “mouse follow” animation, i’m not sure what to call that, worked into the main image and slide show on the home page. They’ve managed to make it look cool with the photography. I also like the diagonals and greens worked into the page as you scroll down it. Very slick and finished feeling.


  1. cjmemay

    I think most importantly, that “mouse follow”/”parallax” effect, immediately clues you in to the idea that you can interact with the page by click and drag. Very thoughtful.

    • UnmatchedStyle

      Good point, that is pretty subtle. Not sure it’s a useful interaction in the long run but boy it’s fun. I bet clients notice it.

      • cjmemay

        I far prefer the click and drag to having to go to a specific point of interaction on the page. It’s faster and feels more like real interaction a la a touch interface.

      • Luke van Lathum

        Thanks guys, yes it is a little bit “gimmick”, yes clients love it, I’ve landed some of biggest clients since I updated the website! Thanks for posting on ums

  2. Roman Serebryakov

    Very cool effect, but they need to fix the skewing on images in the slider in the small window, really does some real things with images

  3. Luke van Lathum

    Hi Guys, this is my website, thanks for the feedback, Roman I’ll take a look at the skewing issue.

  4. Oli Yeates

    Really nice use of parallax effects


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