Love this site from Theory 11. There is so much going on, but it still stays organized (good for shopping) – and has some fun pages too (like the About page). Done by @Forefathers – who has a great site themselves – and looks like it’s a custom Shopify theme. More from them:

From the Designer:
Over the past 7 months we have been tirelessly working with theory11 on the design of their new site and as of today we are ecstatic to announce the launch of all of our efforts along with their amazing in-house development.

We aimed to match the hyper-specific attention to detail that theory11 brings to each of their products within their new site design and after round after round of obsessive fine tuning we feel we did just that.

It was a distinct honor working on this project as their brand has allowed so many artists and designers to help shape their product line and push every creators limits on what is possible within them. This was no exception.

Submitted by:@Jonden Jackson
Twitter: @forefathers
Role: Designer
Country: United States


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