Travel Web Design Agency

I’ll admit – it took me a minute to get into this website, The Travel Web Design Agency, by WebbedFeetUK. I like movement on sites, but I wasn’t sure if this was too much all at once on-scroll – plus, it’s very SEO’d – so that deterred me – since we get a lot.. a lot… a lot… of spam website suggestions here. However – since they are selling their web design and SEO services to a niche group of travel agents – it all makes a lot of sense. And – there’s a lot of effort that’s gone into this site – from the on-scroll actions, to the animation, to the storytelling in the copy and content. It ultimately all works.

From the Designer: An animated parallax scrolling mobile friendly website to promote the services of a web design agency specialising in the travel industry

Submitted by: Aaron Whiffin
Twitter: @WebbedFeetUK
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: United Kingdom


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