The Paint Drop by Valspar

Website by Viget

The Paint Drop is a paint store on wheels offering color consultation, paint and supplies on site.

Whew! What a finely crafted visual design and executed website for Valspar. I love the responsive design decisions and how that’s been executed. Sharp illustration work and layout just make this site stand on it’s own. Great work indeed here.


  1. Matt Keogh

    I’m not usually a fan of those “scrolling” websites as usually there seems little point to it and they fall apart so badly on the “mobile” breakpoint… But the “truck” page on this website is amazing and falls back wonderfully on small screens (or is enhanced well for big screens if you think about it the other way.

    Also the home page is about 350k and smaller on a mobile which is way better than most websites that often get great reviews. The fact that they haven’t defaulted to a huge png for the van shows they’ve thought it through – too often I see huge pngs used where a jpg (or even a png8) could have worked better. I’ve also seen a lot of websites where the “mobile” version has a bigger file size.

    I like the way that the van moves to the side at smaller breakpoints rather than simply getting smaller and smaller.

    Also, I love it that they’ve gone beyond the 960 too.

    All in all a fantastic and well thought out website. A great argument against simply buying an off the shelf website template and simply swapping a few images. This is why people should (if they can) pay web designers to integrate a brand and story throughout a website and across multiple resolutions.

    • UnmatchedStyle

      Dang Matt, you said it all! Thank you for the well thought out comment and for pointing all that out.

      If you’re ever interested in writing a review for us here please let us know sir!

      • Matt Keogh

        Would love to… Send me a pm on twitter and let me know what you’d like. Can I review my own sites? 😉 (joking!)


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