The Kent Building

Excellent site from Open Door Design Studio out of Asheville for The Kent Building. Yes, normally I would say – “compared to other real estate sites…” – but we’ve seen really good growth in the real estate niche of awesome looking websites, like this one. Really love the texture of the site – subtle hints that really make great overall design!

From the Designer: Once a factory and warehouse, today’s renovation of the Kent Building will provide a hub for Asheville, NC’s new economy — an economy nourished by art, entrepreneurship, great food and drink, and extraordinary natural surroundings. Its brand identity draws inspiration from the exposed brick walls, ghost signs of the 1920’s advertisements from the buildings’ original tenants, board-formed concrete, trapezoidal floor plans, and the interior columns. The website is not only informational—featuring the building’s history, area info and leasing info, but will also act as a directory and news outlet for the innovative community that will work and play in and around the building.

Submitted by: Open Door Design Studio
Twitter: @helloodds
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: USA


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