The Cliffs

We really don’t get very many real estate themed sites at Unmatchedstyle – that’s probably because most of them are pretty horrible (if you don’t believe me, Google real estate in your locale – if you have exceptions – submit them here).

However… The Cliffs website, done by eHouse Studio out of Charleston, SC, is one of those exceptions – and an exceptional site. There is so much here that I’m sure the information architecture meetings were very long – but very worth it. Most of the pages feel like landing pages, and with seven properties / communities, they really should in order to display unique characteristics of each. The mega-drop downs – I had to think about them at first, but again, they seem to make a lot of sense with the amount of content to cover.

From the Designer: “The Cliffs offers luxury real estate throughout seven private Carolina communities, with one membership access to seven clubs.”

Submitted by: Mike Hartwell
Twitter: @ehousestudio
Role: Agency
Country: USA


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