Star Wars

Have we reviewed Star Wars before? Who cares – let’s do it again! (After all, it’s not May the 4th, but it is 2:30 on Wednesday – and, duh, it’s Star Wars….)

I could spend a couple of days on this site because of all the nerdy goodness (especially clicking through the entire Databank – the encyclopedia-o-star-wars) – but that’s not important here. What is important is that the designers had to figure out a way / set of ways to present so much information. From the original movies, to conventions, to licensing and legos, there are hundreds of different directions that this site could go. The tumblr-like blog approach really seems to handle all that content, and the main nav handles the rest. Also like how the Databank header image changes with the rest of the page, depending on who or what you’ve clicked on.

Ok… I have actually just stopped writing, and have been playing on the site for the past 30 minutes… time to stop. I apologize for the excessive rambling – Enjoy!


Aaron Griswold

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