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I’m going to be honest – I wasn’t sure on this one at first. It’s an e-commerce site from Sporting Dog Pro out of Charlotte, North Carolina. I wasn’t sure about it, because my perspective is slightly skewed – I see agency and portfolio sites 20 times daily, and might get to see a site like this come across every once in a while.  This site may seem a little heavy with a lot of textures, but I think they know their audience well enough to tailor their site and design to that target market. I think it is still hard to do a good e-commerce / shopping site that has hundreds of little integrations with the back-end / shopping system (in this case Magento) – and make the site look and move well for the customer. It’s responsive, and I think the mega-dropdowns with the dog pics work. Again – it’s not the type of site you normally see on Unmatchedstyle – but we can tell a lot of work went into it to make it not be just a junky shopping site.

Would be interested in your thoughts too – look at it as a designer – and look at it as a possible customer – what do you see in each instance (I bet it’s different).

Submission Description: A responsive Magento eCommerce site selling dog training products for the sporting dog enthusiast. We are a small business who meticulously programmed and designed the entire site ourselves in our spare time, including taking photographs and videos, which took over nine months to produce. We sell products from dog training collars, GPS trackers, dog fences, crates, and training supplies. We also host a weekly blog post geared towards sporting dogs.

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Neil Moore



Aaron Griswold

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