Species in Pieces

Turn your passion into something cool


That’s what Bryan James did here in his personal project called Species in Pieces. ( @WengersToyBus www.bryanjamesdesign.co.uk )

Above are some of the 30 endangered species that he hand crafted using CSS polygons and webkit / CSS animation.

How it Works

Best to let Bryan (the designer) explain that:

“Born out of tinkering with a simple property, this project is unabashedly part-digital experiment. The core technology used here is just good old CSS – no canvas or webgl witchcraft.

Since hearing about CSS polygons, I’ve been a little surprised at the lack of furore around the technology, so I wanted to create something which not only worked as a project in itself, but also pushed this underused line of code as far as possible.

The shard-shifting capabilities work in webkit-browsers only, which of course is a limitation but at the same time, it works on mobile which are almost completely webkit-based. Firefox does support the clip-path property, but as an SVG referenced shape and thus, the coding for movement works in an entirely different manner. I wanted to focus purely on the CSS route.

Not heard of it? Here, take a line:
-webkit-clip-path: polygon( 40% 40%, 50% 60%, 60% 40% );

So, in essence — each shape is being morphed, moved and toyed with by a new set of co-ordinates, and as they are maintained as triangles throughout, this means 3 points, with CSS transitions to link up the movements. No tricks or tools have been used to get the illustrated results, code-wise or graphically. Point by point, shape by shape, each one has been handcrafted via a personally-created tracing JS function after illustration.”

The Site Itself


Most of the site stays the same as you scroll through the different animals, either through scrolling on your mouse – or using the fixed navigation on the right.


You can also find out specific info about the particular threat to the animal.


The left hand side nav is more for functions – sound / automatic slideshow / and a secondary nav to get to all the animals.


The animal title area also serves as a link to detail info about the particular animal’s endangerment statistics – and to download wallpaper.


You may also notice the circle icon moving in time with the color or shape change of the animal.


Finally – there’s your chance to purchase a poster of the animals – whose proceeds go to the Evolutionarily Distinct & Globally Endangered fund.


Our buddy Russ Pate @RussPate from Wier Stewart @WierStewart sent this one to us – Thanks Russ!

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