The South Tees Hospital website is a superb example of responsive design for a large organization and not just a personal portfolio or design firm’s website. We always love it when we come across large scale projects like this that utilize a lot of the same techniques that we so love across our little industry.

The guys from Built By Boon who made this website were awesome enough to share a very thorough case study post with us all.

In particular I love to see how other web design companies approach projects. Specifically they wrote about pricing responsive design within a project’s spec.

I think whether Responsive Design should be included “as standard” and what it costs is totally subjective. Price ultimately is dictated by time — how much you put into the process and how quickly you work will differ for everyone.

I agree 100% with this, this stuff shouldn’t be looked at in a dogmatic way. If a responsive design is needed for a project then do it, if it’s not then don’t and most of all always make sure you’re time is being paid for no matter what you’re doing.


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