I’ve always like the video on Social’s home page, so I’m glad they’ve found ways to utilize it with each redesign of the site. I especially like the consideration they take when the site’s viewed on a smaller device. It’s smartly responsive, and not having the video auto play is respectful of data usage. Overall, I like the fun liberties they take with animation and how they’ve managed to pull off a bold 50/50 2 column layout but make it feel anything but sterile and rigid.

If I had to pick a less than appetizing sprinkle about the site I’d say that the main nav gets a little lost by only being accessible via the hamburger icon and no where else. Especially on a page like this: where the contrast is very low. Maybe some alternate link/path in the page footer would help, I’m not sure.

All things considered, there are a lot of nice details that really seem thought out and relevant to the Social Design House brand.