Submitted by: Jen Gerullis @smashLAB

smashLAB is a creative agency (based in Vancouver, Canada) with expertise in digital, brand, and advertising. It was designed in-house, employing a mobile-first responsive design using the concrete5 CMS. We really like it. 🙂

I have to say, this site is gorgeous. The three images on the homepage slider are wildly different in aesthetic, but each is amazing. The bumble bee animations are something to behold.

I’m also partial to the way that SmashLAB handles the site’s primary navigation. The drop-down is obvious enough and gets out of the way of the full screen eye candy.

A few of the sub-pages are pretty drab when compared to the homepage, but most highly structured and filled with crisp modern photography and illustrations.


Giovanni DiFeterici

Giovanni has a BFA in Fine Art & a BS in Graphic Design. He is an accomplished illustrator & designer. He's the go to guy when it comes to developing creative solutions to complex visual problems.