Shreyans Chandak

It’s a resume. And it’s got parallax. Before we all roll our eyes, just enjoy it. It’s cool and a cool way to show off you know how to do stuff. Since it’s a resume it works for me. Clever stuff.

From the Designer:

Interactive resume of Shreyans Chandak. Shreyans Chandak is a Computer Programmer, Web Developer, Electronics hobbyist, Graphic Designer.

It all starts off with a classic “film” intro followed by a UFO dropping off Me aka Shreyans Chandak as “Ghost Boo” – the main ghost character. You can then visit the museum to check out my education, continue to the supermarket to visualise my skills using shelved items, visit the cemetery (with a spotlight) to see my archived projects, rock out on guitar (nice touch with ghostbusters sticker) in my hobbies section, second last is swinging past home to check mail that pops up a contact form and finally ends with beaming up back into the UFO.

Submitted by:Shreyans Chandak
Twitter: @shreyanschandak
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: India


Gene Crawford

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