Search Discovery

Once again – it’s cool when the designer gives us a lot of detail on what went into making a site – even better on a site re-design. John Williams tells us a little about the redesign of the Search Discovery site out of Atlanta:

From the Designer: “Search Discovery’s previous site was a mashup of poor development practices, an impenetrable encyclopedia of content that no one read and inconsistent design. Recently, we rebranded with the help of Aaron Draplin, and began work on all new design language. We trimmed the copy down and focused on making a very fast, lean, readable and responsive site. We used a static site generator called Middleman as our foundation and Ghost for the blogging platform. The decision to avoid a typical CMS was to speed up development overall. The overhead of hacking a CMS into shape and then training everyone up didn’t make sense. We added some fun bits (try the konami code) and made sure our personality came through.”


Submitted by: John Williams
Twitter: @johnwilliams713
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: United States


Aaron Griswold

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