Rethink Digital Healthcare – By Fantasy

No matter what your political slant, we could probably agree with the statement that digital healthcare, with all of our technological and interwebs advances, could be seriously improved. So I really love Fantasy, a digital design agency out of San Francisco and New York, and the “spec” projects / case studies they do – specifically this one on rethinking digital healthcare.

Starting off with some quick animation as a call to action from the beginning – you know you want to click that video button.

I love two things about this site / page – design-wise, it’s then a clear, crisp story that funnels down to the changes (re: new potential product) they see the digital healthcare system making.

Second – marketing-wise, it’s in another realm than a normal agency portfolio. Most agency sites display the work they’ve done for clients, which some can be great – but usually fall into a pattern because, well, it’s client work. Passion comes from doing something that we are either intimately involved with, or have a vision of how things could be – and we do our best work out of that – what Fantasy has done here is exactly that.



By Fantasy @F_i


Aaron Griswold

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