Submitted by: Ben Counsell @bencounsell
Role: Designer & Developer

We’ve just recently finished the re-design of our site. We make creative software for Macs.

The idea behind the redesign was to give each app more of an identity on the site by using a unique colour for each, which is mirrored in the main navigation.

Gorgeous website for Realmac Software here. I like the strategy of the home page to simple funnel visitors to the three products, simple and to the point. Simple isn’t easy to do well, like they’re pulling off here. The more you remove from a design the better the things left have to be.

When you load one of the products pages, it’s super clean and to the point. Reminds you of that “apple” design look and feel but it doesn’t just ape it like most mac software sites. It just shares that same vibe and does it’s own thing with it. I love that. I also really love the slideshow design on the main product pages.

Really really nice site(s)!


Gene Crawford

With over a decade of experience in the industry he has overseen the design and architecture of hundreds of web sites and applications. An active member in the design community, he's the editor & producer of, the ConvergeSE, ConvergeFL, ConvergeRVA and the Breaking Development conference series.