Quiet Revolution

As extroverted as I can be sometimes through my writing, among friends and family, and when I’m acting – I actually have an introverted nature in many social situations. That’s part of the gist of the Quite Revolution (from a philosophy standpoint), based off of TED speaker Susan Cain, who wrote Quiet in 2012. The philosophy for design in the site seems to run along the same lines – white space, clean, but muted in many aspects. Speak to your audience in the way they want to be spoken to (like they’ve done here), and your communication with them will open tremendously.



Aaron Griswold

Aaron is the Project Manager / Pathfinder for Unmatched Style / Period Three / ConvergeSE.com / BDConf.com. Aaron has an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney, Australia - and a BS in Business Management from the U of South Carolina. And he aims to be encouraging every day.