Portraits of Guilford


I really like what mediaBoom has done with Portraits of Guilford (Connecticut) – a historical / social photo sharing site for the town. I’m a history buff, so love to see the progression of the photos over time. Also like the sticky footer, and how when you change decades (example go from 1860s to 1930s), it’s not an immediate change, you actually travel through the decades to the one you want. And the crowdsourcing element in the community gallery is also awesome.

A little bit from the designer:

To celebrate the town of Guilford’s 375th Anniversary, mediaBOOM designed and developed “Portraits of Guilford,” a commemorative website that serves as a photographic journey through the town’s history. The website features stunning photography, courtesy of the Guilford Free Library’s Historical Room, spanning 140 years from the beginning of the 1860’s to the year 2000. Users can browse through the decades, learn about each photograph’s history, and share the images on social media.

Submitted by: media BOOM
Role: Designer & Developer
Twitter Username @mediaBOOM


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