What I like about the pixelsmart agency site out of  Germany is that they stick to a theme throughout the site – honey comb or angled view of a cube and turn it into a flat icon, you get a hexagon which shape is utilized heavily in their content design. It looks good in their Team and Credentials pages – and the logo / mark itself looks a little 3D, but keeps to the same theme.


From the Designer: Die Fullservice Werbeagentur pixelsmart hat sich auf Responsive Webdesign, Socialmedia Marketing, Suchmaschinenoptimierung und Programmierung spezialisiert. Moderne Webseiten, professionell und kreativ realisiert. Ihre Werbeagentur aus Ostfriesland, Aurich für den Bereich: Hamburg, Bremen, Oldenburg, Emden, Leer und ganz Niedersachsen.


Submitted by: Tobias Rehermann
Twitter: @pxlsmart
Role: Manager and Art Director



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