Pixel Studio 32

This review is taking a while to write… since I’ve been playing with their site for  half an hour… and then I showed it to my son, and my computer was commandeered for another fifteen minutes..

The entire site has a huge amount of time and effort put into it. The flat illustrations are more common in some sites now, but they way they display and allow you to play with them is unique (even the contact form). The only issue I saw was that the translation didn’t hold all the way through the site after selecting the English version – but Google Translate took care of it – and the site was fun enough to help me ignore it.


Submitted by: Juan Casabianca

Role: Designer & Developer


Aaron Griswold

Aaron is the Project Manager / Pathfinder for Unmatched Style / Period Three / ConvergeSE.com / BDConf.com. Aaron has an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney, Australia - and a BS in Business Management from the U of South Carolina. And he aims to be encouraging every day.