Pedro Landaverde

Cool animated SVG portfolio site from Pedro Landaverde out of Mexico. It looks like a simple one pager – but there are literally a lot of moving parts. Not crazy about how the Project photos clash a little with the rest of the site (maybe add a filter?) – but like how the modal of the Project detail is laid out. Lot of effort into this one.

From the Designer: “Hi, I am passionate about UX and UI, but in love with code. That’s right! Half programmer, half interactive designer. I have strong programming skills and a great eye for design, but I am definitely more of a geek than an artist.

This site is made 90% using SVG and CSS3 animations, because of that it can be loaded really fast and achieve a nice experience in modern browsers.”

Submitted by: Pedro Landaverde
Twitter: @plandave
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: Mexico


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