There are two things I love in the world (there are actually more, but I want to keep this review brief) and they are Retro-futuristic Design and Robots. These two loves come together beautifully in Onst Creative’s website.

First off, I’m a sucker for for sites with an orange and blue color schemes, but its the little touches like the animations within the navigation and the stylized illustrations that really make this site stand out. I mean, how cool is that scene at the bottom of each page? The best part is the illustrations don’t distract from the work Onst is showcasing, but rather enhance their own brand. Well done.


  1. Shaun Brandt

    Thanks alot for the writeup Richard, much appreciated!

  2. Gene Crawford

    It’s not just your typical orange and blue colors either, the colors are faded and textured just enough to not be what you’d expect but still orange and blue(ish)! Agreed, lovely design.


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