Hey 👋 I'm Nick.I'm building a product for freelancers that helps them manage projects, clients, invoices & more.I was a freelance designer myself a while ago. Now I'm into product management on my 9-5, and on my 5 to 9 — I'm an indie maker.

I really dig this layout. It’s very 37signals inspire IMHO and I just really love it – it speaks to me and I imagine it’s highly effective in terms of usability and user understanding.

Onigiri — is a robust business toolkit for freelancers, self-employed, and small businesses. Project management, invoicing, client management & hassle-free.


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Microinteractions are subtle site animations enhancing engagement. They include triggers, rules, feedback, and sometimes loops/modes. Practical uses: improving engagement, guiding user behavior. Well-designed microinteractions boost user engagement and your online presence.