Old New York City

I wish that there were more of these types of sites out there like the Old New York City site, made by The NY Public Library, their NYPL Labs section, and Dan Vanderkam (Twitter handles below). Yes – we’re still a style gallery, so you may ask why put this site out there, it doesn’t have how much coffee we’ve consumed infographic or the office dog animated gif… We also want to show you real projects that designers are doing, that are obviously for more than just pay. This looks like a little bit of a labor of love to show the historical impact that New York City has had over the years – on every street corner. I still sometimes marvel at the every decade photos of particular places in Columbia, SC (including the building we work out of) – the history buff in me loves a “simple” site like this. ( I also wish more cities would keep a record of their history in this form too – Happy Friday.)


made by @nypl_labs,  @danvdk@Old_NYC,  @nypl


Aaron Griswold

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