We hadn’t reviewed an app product site for a while, and at first I wasn’t sure to just keep this one as a resource for Radar, but I liked the basic clean look of Nucleo’s site. With suped-up intros and pre-loaders becoming a new trend, I like the fact that this site has a simple load / fly-in from three sides that is more subtle than flashy – like their product idea and the fact they use their own SVGs on their site to promote their SVGs… and also like that our buddy Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks, who we get to hang out with again next week at ConvergeSE, likes their app too.

From the Designer: Nucleo is a library of 1000+ vector icons and a web app to manage and customize them.

Submitted by: Sebastiano Guerriero
Twitter: @guerriero_se
Role: Designer



Aaron Griswold

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