nGen Works

Really love the new nGen Works site out of Jacksonville, Florida. There’s a really good change of emphasis to “what we can do” vs “who we are”. I like this because as cool as most agency sites are, there have been big trends to show the people and the lifestyle of the agency, and less of what they can do for their clients. My designer hat likes this because of the clean lines, contrast between real and illustrations, and good UI. My business / marketing hat likes this because of the good UX, and the fact that they know their audience – people at companies that want good stuff built for them. Our clients don’t care about how much/type of coffee we drink, or if we have an office dog – they want to know we can do what they want – nGen Works site speaks to that. (Also like the smart use of the “Pick the Trend” – “yes potential client, we can do that”) One caveat, since we know the people there – we can tell you they are pretty darn good also.

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Aaron Griswold

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